Rationale Behind the NEFMQ Blog:

The National Economics and Finance Management Quiz consists of the Preliminary Round and the Final Round. In the Preliminary Round, students will need to participate in an online discussion that will take place in the NEFMQ Blog and attempt the written paper component (to be held on the actual quiz date, 27 June 2009).

Each team will be required to make at least four comment posts on the various topics we will blog in the coming weeks. Each topic will explore interesting aspects of economics and finance in our daily lives. Blog topics will cover economic issues ranging from the Singapore budget, recent economic downturn, micro- and macroeconomic theories, financial downturn etc and also finance management issues including analyses of financial products, borrowing and repayment schemes.

Students will be expected to demonstrate their understanding and provide their insights in the online discussion. The objective is to encourage students to think critically about contemporary, as well as theoretical economic and finance managment issues. Each post is marked upon five, and the sum of each team’s four best scores will be included into the Preliminary Round scores.

Format of Preliminary Round:

Online Discussion (20%)

–          4 blog comments, each graded upon five

–          May to June 2009, on nefmq09.wordpress.com

Written Paper (80%)

–          80 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

–          27 June 2009, UCC, 1100 – 1200 hrs

Structure of NEFMQ Blog

The NEFMQ blog will be updated weekly and the bulk of the posts will fall into two broad categories:

1. Let’s Discuss! Section

Students will be required to leave comments on these blog posts. There is no limit on the number of comments each student can make but only the scores of the BEST FOUR COMMENTS from EACH TEAM will be included in the Preliminary Round.

The posts from this section can be easily identified by their title as every post will be assigned a number, so the first post will appear as “#1: …”, the second post “#2: …” and so on.

At least 2 new posts will appear every week till 27 June 2009, so do check the blog regularly for updates!

2. FYI Section

This section is purely for your information (FYI). Comments are welcome but they will NOT be graded =) Quiz updates, queries and other useful information will appear in these posts, and the title of such posts will start with “FYI: …”

How do I leave comments?

Beneath every post, there will be “Leave a Comment” section.

IMPORTANT! Please fill in your particulars in the following format:

NAME: Name / Institution / Team Name (e.g. Xavier/ XJC/ XXX Team)

EMAIL: Your email (e.g. xavier@xmail.com)

It is really important you fill it up this way, as we will need to keep track of your comments and award your team the required credit! (remember the comments will form part of your preliminary score!) We will match these particulars with the particulars your teachers have sent us or on the online registration database. Blog comments will be voided if we can’t determine which school/team you’re from or if the particulars do not match with our database.

How will the comments be graded?

See General Guidelines for Comments.

Each comment post will be scored upon five points. Generally, we are looking out for posts that are relevant and coherent. A good comment post addresses the issue on hand well and displays a good understanding of the issue. There will be several issues highlighted in the blog posts and you DO NOT have to address all the issues in the blog post. Do make your comment as clear and concise as possible; it’s the quality that counts! We are actually quite lenient with the marking, but if the post is too long, or if the same points are repeated again and again, we will definitely get bored!

A bad comment post is one that does not make much sense! Don’t worry, you will not require rocket science or advanced economics knowledge to create a decent comment post!

Although we do not require you to leave comments on every post, please don’t do the other extreme and only leave four comments on just one specific post. We can definitely tell! Another thing we can tell- last ditch efforts to flood the comment system at the very last minute. Although you are free to drop your opinions any time, it seems the last day of posting is often the day the “popularity” of the blog spikes upwards! So it would definitely be good if you can leave comments in various blog posts and also not do it at the very last minute.

You are welcome to build on the arguments of the previous comments, or even disagree with them but please remember to do so in a mature manner (i.e. no insults or personal attacks)

Read Ground Rules

Updated 29 May 2009


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